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01 Jun Global Major Groups Open Dialogue on Stockholm+50


The GRC is co-hosting an open dialogue with Major Groups on Stockholm+50. Major Groups (constituencies) play a key role

in shaping environmental and sustainability

agendas. They bring new ideas to the table

and discussions. It is very important that Major

Groups talk to each otherʼs as well as talk to

various stakeholders (business, science,

media, governments, etc.) globally. Only by

open dialogue humanity can agree on

collective actions to overcome the various

environmental crisis that we are facing today

and make sure that humanity is on the right

sustainability track.

The objective of this event is to have an open

dialogue session on various

topics/themes/dialogues related to

Stockholm+50 between global Major Groups,

local CSOs, environmental activists, media,

businesses, science, and governments.

The main purpose is to give different major

groups a space to express their opinions,

voices, concerns, and experiences and present

their key messages to Stockholm+50.

Place : Stockholm, Sweden
Date : Jun 01 to Jun 01 , 2022
Category: Past Events
Event Type : Seminar