GRC - The First Twenty Years (2000-2020)

GRC 20 Year

The idea of establishing an independent Gulf Studies research center within the Gulf region itself was conceived by Dr. Abdulaziz Sager and motivated by his desire to make solid, research-based knowledge about the strategic Gulf region easily available to all. This is the ultimate origin of the Gulf Research Center (GRC) and its maxim – “Knowledge for All”.

The initial GRC offices were established in Dubai in June 2000. Expansion took place quickly and not only in Dubai - as GRC offices were also established in Jeddah, Geneva and Cambridge. The Geneva office was established as a Swiss Foundation – the Gulf Research Center Foundation – in order to facilitate outreach and cooperation with Europe and globally. The Cambridge office was established at the University of Cambridge as a UK Charity – the Gulf Research Center Cambridge – in order to facilitate integration with the global academic community, primarily through the Gulf Research Meetings, which GRC Cambridge organizes annually.

In the past twenty years, the Gulf Research Center has grown from a creative idea to become a globally recognized research center that has contributed much to the understanding of the Gulf region - never losing sight of its ultimate mission of promoting peace, security, prosperity and sustainability not only in the Gulf region itself, but also globally. The Gulf Research Center extends a sincere thank you to everyone who has contributed to its success during the past twenty years!

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