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GRC Staff

Dr. Abdulaziz Sager


Dr. Abdulaziz Sager is the founder and chairman of the Gulf Research Center

Dr. Mustafa Alani

Senior Advisor & Director - Security and Defense Research Program

Dr. John Sfakianakis

Program Director - Economic Research, Chief Economist

Prof. Giacomo Luciani

Senior Consultant, GRC Foundation, Geneva

Eng. Javaid Iqbal

MD, Knowledge Corporation, Dubai

Jamal Hammam

Publishing Manager, Araa Magazine Editor-in-Chief

Aileen Byrne

Senior Researcher

Dr. Mohammed Raouf

Research Fellow - Environment Research Program

Imco Brouwer

Executive Director - Gulf Labor Markets and Migration Program

Samir Kandil

Assistant General Manager

Sanya Kapasi

Administration Manager

Salih Kourdi

Chairman's Office Manager