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The Gulf Research Centre Cambridge (GRCC) was established in August 2009 through a cooperative effort between the Gulf Research Center Foundation in Geneva and the Prince Alwaleed Bin Talal Centre of Islamic Studies at the University of Cambridge. The primary goal of the GRCC is to advance education and research on political, economic, social, environment, security, and energy issues relating to the Gulf region. A significant part of its work involves organizing the annual Gulf Research Meeting, through which the GRCC identifies subjects of importance to the Gulf region, stimulates research in these subject areas, and provides a forum for broad dissemination of the research results, with the goal of helping to generate solutions to many of the challenges facing the Gulf region. The Gulf Research Meeting provides an academic environment to foster Gulf studies and promote scholarly exchanges among scholars focusing on the Gulf region. Young scholars in particular are encouraged to engage in the debate and take part in research collaboration.

The Gulf Research Centre Cambridge is a non-profit, registered charity organization under the Charity Commission for England and Wales and can therefore receive tax deductible donations.

Gulf Research Centre Cambridge

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