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Araa Magazine

‘Araa,’ is an Arabic word meaning opinions or perspectives, and Araa Magazine, مجلة آراء حول الخليج (translating to Perspectives from around the Gulf), is a monthly periodical that focuses on the affairs of the Gulf region, providing in-depth analysis in Arabic on current affairs in Gulf security, politics, economics, environment, energy, and social issues, in addition to the challenges that the region is facing in these areas. Araa was the first Gulf periodical specialising in Gulf affairs bringing together a network of more than 600 contributing writers including scholars, academics and other specialists working on the Gulf region. It stands as a concrete reference for those in academia and higher education working at various universities across the region. Araa Magazine is an independent platform that provides a space for differing opinions within a framework of social and moral responsibility.
Araa's brochure

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