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Research and Analysis Overview

The Gulf Research Center\’s mission is to further information and knowledge relating to the Gulf by providing a comprehensive, independent and credible platform for advanced research on GCC politics, economics, defense, security and social issues, and their implications and relevance. The scope of the research programs is defined in coordination with the GRC Academic Board and is continuously updated to ensure that the research is in accordance with current issues of concern.

The GRC undertakes research on all elements impacting policy-making in the Gulf, including: political systems and development, foreign relations of the Gulf, defense and security issues, the economy, as well as environmental issues and the role of energy and its regional and worldwide dimensions. In each of its research programs, it is the objective of the GRC and its extensive community of researchers and contributors to shed light on unexplored issues and relationships that are and will be of increased importance both for the Gulf region and the rest of the world.

Structure of the research programs

Each of the research areas is structured to encourage the dissemination of original research and to serve as an information resource base where all materials necessary for a solid understanding of an area of interest come together. Each research program involves:

  • Research & analysis: The core of each program is substantive academic research with a particular emphasis on policy issues, their implications and relevance. A series of research projects look in-depth at some of the issues defining the region, with the aim of putting forward policy prescriptions and analysis within a proper context.
  • Publications: These include books, background papers, regular reports, multimedia platforms, periodicals, newsletters and translations. Click here to search through our publications.
  • Conferences and workshops: GRC is active in organizing conferences and workshops that complement its various research programs, with the aim to create more clarity within and interaction among the policy and the academic communities. In addition, GRC events also reflect current discussions and concerns in the region and are meant to highlight those debates. Click here to see our upcoming and past events.
  • Executive Learning: One important component of the research programs is to conduct executive learning programs that disseminate knowledge to key individuals, keeping GRC research relevant to key stakeholders. Click here to see a sample of GRC Executive Learning programs.