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The GLMM programme, established in March 2013, is an international independent, nonpartisan, non-profit joint programme of the Gulf Research Center and the Migration Policy Centre (MPC – Florence). The GLMM programme provides data, analyses, and recommendations contributing to the improvement of understanding and management of Gulf labor markets and migration, engaging with and respecting the viewpoints of all stakeholders. The GLMMP has released a number of analytical papers and books on Gulf migration and labor market issues. In addition, the program has its own website which features an ever expanding set of data and documents relating to the GCC’s labor markets:

Being a joint programme between a university and a think tank, its activities are geared towards both researchers and students in addition to policymakers, civil society and media.

Key elements of the GLMM programme are:

  • Taking a comprehensive view, including demographic, economic, legal, social, political, and administrative aspects of labor markets and migration
  • Collecting all relevant data and documents, first and foremost those produced in the countries of the GCC and also in the countries of origin
  • Conducting sound academic research and contributing to the development of the field of inquiry
  • Presenting policy analyses
  • Engaging in dialogue with all stakeholders
  • Providing high quality academic and operational training in order to reinforce the capacity for producing migration-related data and analyses in the GCC
  • Contributing to the development of a network of researchers in which GCC nationals and nationals from the countries of origin are strongly represented

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