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Performance of the Arabic Book Translation Industry in Selected Arab Countries: Egypt, Lebanon, Morocco, Saudi Arabia and Syria

Edited By: Najib Harabi
Publisher: Gulf Research Center
ISBN / EISBN: 9948-434-89-7
Date of Publication: Mar 2009
Publications Categories: Books
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Knowledge diffusion lies at the center of economic growth and development. The diffusion of knowledge takes place in several ways, including through education, R&D, mass media as well as translation. Besides contributing to the spread of knowledge, the translation industry also generates income and jobs. The overall purpose of this book is to estimate the economic importance and performance of the translation industry in five Arab countries, Egypt, Lebanon, Morocco, Saudi Arabia, and Syria, as well as to identify and analyze the main problems that the industry is now facing. The aim is to provide policy makers and business leaders in the Arab region with theoretically sound and evidence-based advice on the issues relating to the translation industry. While the Arabic book translation industry has been an underperformer so far for several reasons, it has great economic potential that could be mobilized systematically in the future. This paper discusses how this can be achieved, based on a well-designed and implemented process of upgrading and innovation in companies, industries, and clusters related to translation activities. Public policy, properly understood and adequately implemented, can play an important role in this process.

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