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Qatar’s Legal Framework of Migration

  • Maysa Zahra
Publisher: Gulf Research Center
Date of Publication: Dec 2013
Publications Categories: Research Papers & Analysis


The Gulf Labour Market and Migration (GLMM) programme publishes its second paper: “Qatar’s Legal Framework of Migration” by Maysa Zahra. The paper gives a detailed most up-to-date overview of the legal dimension of migration to Qatar. Over the last decade, Qatar has significantly revised its legal framework in a number of areas that are relevant to the issue of migration. The revision has led to the establishment of rules and regulations that better conform to international standards in areas such as labour rights and human trafficking. However, Qatar’s controversial kefala (sponsorship) system is still a source of concern. This note offers researchers a succinct outline and summary of Qatar’s legal framework on migration. The system of migration-related legislation in the State of Qatar includes the Constitution, international treaties concluded, national laws and by-laws. The GLMM programme produces an array of publications addressing all major issues in different formats. Initially, it focuses on Facts Sheets, Explanatory Notes and Conference Papers. Subsequently, it will add Research Papers, Policy Briefs, Academic Publications as well as Proceedings & Reports. GLMM is an international independent, non-partisan, non-profit joint programme of the Migration Policy Centre (MPC - Florence) and the Gulf Research Center (GRC - Jeddah, Geneva, Cambridge, Tokyo). GLMM provides data, analyses, and recommendations aiming at a better understanding and improved management of Gulf labour markets and migration, engaging with and respecting the viewpoints of all stakeholders. GLMM intends to become an indispensable tool for researchers, students, policymakers, advocates and migrants in, as well as nationals of the GCC countries.

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