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14 Jul GRM 2022 Upcoming Meeting


GRM 2022 Upcoming Meeting

Place : Hybird
Date : Jul 14 to Jul 16 , 2022
Event Type : Meeting

01 Jun Global Major Groups Open Dialogue on Stockholm+50


The GRC is co-hosting an open dialogue with Major Groups on Stockholm+50. Major Groups (constituencies) play a key role

in shaping environmental and sustainability

agendas. They bring new ideas to the table

and discussions. It is very important that Major

Groups talk to each otherʼs as well as talk to

various stakeholders (business, science,

media, governments, etc.) globally. Only by

open dialogue humanity can agree on

collective actions to overcome the various

environmental crisis that we are facing today

and make sure that humanity is on the right

sustainability track.

The objective of this event is to have an open

dialogue session on various

topics/themes/dialogues related to

Stockholm+50 between global Major Groups,

local CSOs, environmental activists, media,

businesses, science, and governments.

The main purpose is to give different major

groups a space to express their opinions,

voices, concerns, and experiences and present

their key messages to Stockholm+50.

Place : Stockholm, Sweden
Date : Jun 01 to Jun 01 , 2022
Event Type : Seminar

17 Mar GRC online webinar: "The Crisis of Ukraine in the Gulf: Security, Economic, and Energy Repercussions"

Place : Virtual
Date : Mar 17 , 2022
Event Type : Seminar

15 Dec 2020Tafahum 2nd Annual Conference: Security Roadmap for West Asia and the Arabian Peninsula


Dr. Abdulaziz participated in Session 1 of Tafahum 2nd Annual Conference: The Path Towards a Regional Security Process for WAAP Region: Obstacles and Opportunities at the end of 2020  

Place : Zoom Meeting
Date : Dec 15 to Dec 16 , 2020
Event Type : Workshop

24 Feb 2010The Global Financial Crisis and the Gulf: Dubai"s Debt and the Future of Islamic Banking


Gulf Research Center (GRC) and The Institute for the Transregional Study of the Contemporary Middle East, North Africa, and Central Asia at Princeton University present:

The Global Financial Crisis and the Gulf: Dubai"s Debt and the Future of Islamic Banking

Roundtable discussion at Princeton University

February 24, 2010

2pm-6pm, Jones Hall 202

After initial hopes of decoupling, the Global Financial Crisis has hurt countries in the Gulf considerably. Oil prices declined from record highs and budget surpluses turned into deficits. Financing conditions for domestic companies deteriorated, while the sovereign wealth funds of the region suffered tremendous losses. Furthermore, the eruption of Dubai’s debt crisis in December 2009 has cast a light on shortcomings in the business environment and raised questions about the viability of Islamic banking securities such as the Nakheel sukuk, which became a bone of contention.


The roundtable will gather distinguished academics and practitioners to take stock of the current situation in the Gulf and discuss future scenarios. After assessing the impact of the global financial crisis on the Gulf, a particular focus will be on implications for Islamic banking whose growth prospects have dimmed while a possible global leadership role of the Gulf in this niche industry has been compromised.

Place : Princeton University
Date : Feb 24 to Feb 24 , 2010

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