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GCC & Sub-Saharan African Countries Relations and Opportunities

  • Gulf Research Center
Publisher: Gulf Research Center
Date of Publication: Nov 2023
Publications Categories: Reports


In the shadow of global and geopolitical pressures, members of the Gulf Corporation Council- Bahrain, Kuwait, Oman, Qatar, Saudi Arabia, and the United Arab Emirates- embarked on a strategy of economic diversification from oil and reduced reliance on food imports. Sub-Saharan African countries face several development challenges ranging from agriculture, infrastructure, and energy, which fosters an ample investment climate.Member States of the GCC have aided Sub-Saharan economies and governments on several fronts as mediators in times of political impasse, as investors for economic development and as allies in precarious security situations. Firstly, the report delineates essential African economic sectors needing development and the breadth of collaboration with the GCC to realise several goals. Secondly, the country profiles contextualise respective economic outlooks, trade agreements and idiosyncratic synergies between Persian Gulf monarchies and Sub-Saharan countries. Lastly, the report offers a comprehensive guide to the partnership’s possibilities.GCC States aspire to address mutual needs and build upon long-standing relationships informed by the cultural and geographic proximity to Africa. To date, GCC-led investments exceed 100 billion USD, support human capital development, bolster multilateral trade, and increase output in underdeveloped sectors.

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