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Canandian Ambassador to the UAE W. David Hutton and Isabelle Martin, Head of Political Affairs Program at the embassy, discussed with the GRC issues relating to the promotion of a regional security charter, an idea originally supported by the Canadian and Danish governments; looking at ways to promote the Canadian role in the region by focusing more on humanitarian aspects, promoting institutional relations between GRC and Canada; and exchanging information for the GRC Web portal on GCC-Canada relations.

September 28, 2004


Nato Deputy Secretary-General Alessandro Minuto Rizzo and his delegation interacted with GRC researchers on what the security scenario and concerns were in the region, and how and what Nato’s involvement will be.

September 20, 2004


1- Professor Takeji Ino, Dean of Faculty of Humanities, Wayo Women's University, Japan, consulted the center on water politics in the region for a project he is working on. Along with points of view that were exchanged in a comprehensive discussion, the academic expressed the willingness of his university to cooperate with the center on research and convening conferences.

2 - Swedish Ambassador to the UAE, Bahrain and Qatar Lars-Erik Grundell discussed the ways of cooperation between the embassy, Swedish Business Council and GRC, including the possibility of joint events and presentations for the wider diplomatic and business communities in the UAE

September 19, 2004


Dr. Jairam Reddy, Director (ad interim), International Leadership Institute, United Nations University (UNU-ILI), visited GRC. The discussions concentrated on establishing institutional relations with the UNU-ILI and the prospects of organizing joint leadership programs on global public policy issues.

September 13, 2004


Belgian Ambassador to the UAE Marc Van den Reeck visited GRC and held talks with senior researchers. The envoy offered the services of the embassy in strengthening the academic database of the research portal and discussed issues pertaining to the GCC-EU ties.

Rui Jorge Carneiro Mangueira, Counsel General of Angola to the UAE. Discussions held on GRC activities and the economic growth that Dubai has experienced over the last 30 years. Ideas presented on potential joint ventures and cooperation between the GCC States and Angola. Willingness expressed to convene conferences and seminars to tap the potential benefit of cooperation between the two sides.