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Dr.Ahmed Al Yusuf, Editor-in-Chief, The Saudi Gazzette, Okaz Organization, Jeddah

South African Ambassador Dikganag Moopeloa and Thabo Thage, Counsellor 

Swedish delegate Ms Yvonne Ruwaida, MP, The Green Party, Swedish Parliament and Mr. Magnus Nordstrom, Second Secretary, Swedish Embassy   

Australian Ambassador to the UAE Noel Campbell, CAAR  member Dr Fiona Hill, Manager of the CAAR Secretariat Catharine O'Ryan, and   Third Secretary in the Australian embassy Cynthia Dearin.

Dr Saeed Mohammed al-Malees, Director-General of the Arab Bureau of Education for the Gulf States.

Dr Abdullah bin Saleh al-Otheimen, Director-General of King Faisal International Award.

Dr Mona bint Salem al-Jardani, Deputy of the Affairs of Education and Curricula at the Omani Ministry of Education.

Dr Nura Khalifa al-Subayei, Deputy of Academic Affairs at the University of Qatar.

Dr Saeed Abdullah Harib, Deputy Director of Social Services Affairs at the Al Ain Uinversity, UAE.

Dr Baqer Salman al-Najjar, Professor of Sociology at Bahrain University.

Dr Moudhial-Hamood, Assistant Professor at the Faculty of Administrative Science, Kuwait University. the visitors above mentioned are the board of trustees of the GRC Award for creative youth in social sciences and humanities in the GCC countries.

1-Dr Saad bin Abdulrahman al-Ammar, Director-General, Institute of Diplomatic Studies, Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Riyadh

2-Undersecretaries of the Ministries of Education in the Gulf States visit GRC

The visiting delegation was composed of ABEG Director-General Mohamed al-Malees, Undersecretary for Education and Curricula at the Omani Ministry of Education Dr. Muna bint Salim al-Jardani, Undersecretary at the Ministry Education in Saudi Arabia Dr. Khalid bin Ibrahim al-Awwad, Undersecretary at Al-Imam Mohamed bin Saud Islamic University and supervisor of the project for developing Arabic language curricula at the ABEG Dr. Mohamed bin AbdelRahman ar-Rabi’, Deputy Minister of Education in Yemen Dr. Abdulaziz Saleh bin Habtour, Undersecretary at the Ministry of Education in Kuwait Dr. Hamoud al-Saadun, Director of the Center for Educational Research in Kuwait Dr. Marzuk al-Futaim, Undersecretary at the UAE Ministry of Education and Youth Dr. Jamal Mohamed Al Muheiri, Undersecretary of the Ministry of Education in Bahrain Mr. Hussein Badr as-Sada, and Undersecretary at the Ministry of Education in Qatar Rabi’a al-Ka’abi.

Among the other attendees were Information Adviser at the Ministry of Education in Saudi Arabia Saud ad-Dahyan, Assistant Director at the Computer Center in Qatar Ismael Hamad al-Mansuri, Chairperson of the Education Technology Center in Qatar Huria Ali al-Malki, Deputy Director at the General Directorate for Education in Oman Leila bint Ahmad bin Awad an-Najar, Supervisor of the project for comprehensive development of education Dr. Abdelillah al Fahej and ABEG staff Kamel Saleh al-Fahej, Hamad Suleiman al-Halwa, Rabi’ Mohamed ad-Dleejan.