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January 11 , 2005


Prince Faisal bin Salman bin Abdulaziz, chairman of the board of directors of the Saudi Research and Marketing Company, visited the center. GRC Chairman Abdulaziz Sager briefed the prince and the accompanying group of editors-in-chief and senior mangers from the Saudi company about the research programs pursued by the center.

Prince Salman expressed his admiration for the progress achieved by the center on the political, economic, defense, security and social issues in the Gulf region, and for the publications released by GRC.

In his exchange with GRC researchers, Prince Salman highlighted the importance of research centers and the role they play in disseminating knowledge and enhancing the awareness of the Arab citizen.

December 13, 2004


Saudi Ambassador to the United Kingdom Prince Turki Al-Faisal Al-Saud 

Alex Younger – First Secretary (Political), British Embassy, Dubai – was briefed about the center’s activities. Areas of possible cooperation between GRC and the embassy were also discussed. 

November 30, 2004


South African Ambassador to the UAE Dikgang Moopeloa held talks on improving coordination between GRC and the South African embassy and government 

November 21, 2004


A Swedish delegation led by Peter Tejler – Deputy Director-General, Middle East and North Africa Department, Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Eva Tarselius Hallgren – Senior Advisor, Middle East and North Africa Department, Ministry of Foreign Affairs, and Lars-Erik Grundell – Swedish Ambassador to the UAE, discussed regional developments, especially the Iranian nuclear issue, political reform in the Gulf, and the European Union’s role in promoting reform and security.

Spanish Ambassador to the UAE Fernando de Galainena discussed international developments, the shift of the Spanish government’s position on Iraq following the Madrid bombings and elections, and the future of European politics in the region. The GRC team gave the ambassador an introduction to GRC activities and the GCC-EU portal. Mr De Galainena agreed to help establish close cooperation between GRC and relevant Spanish institutions as well as individuals working on Spain-Gulf issues.