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Dr Mohammed Assad Alem, Arab Adviser to the University President, Naif University for Security Studies, Riyadh.

South Korean delegation

A delegation of South Korean diplomats, lead by South Korea?s Ambassador to the UAE Sun-Yong Kang visited GRC.The delegation included First Secretary of the South Korean embassy in the UAE Kyungkun Lee and four senior members of the Institute of Foreign Affairs and National Security Dr. Sung-Han Kim, Mr. Sung Chul Shin, Dr. Seongji Woo and Ms. Hyean-Ok Choi. The Institute of Foreign Affairs and National Security is part of the South Korean Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Trade in Seoul.

Dr Anwar Alam, assistant professor, Center for West Asian and African Studies, Jawaharlal Nehru University, New Delhi.

1-German journalist-author Prof. Dr. Peter Scholl-Latour.

2-South Korean Ambassador Sun-Yong Kang and First Secretary Jongho Choi 

The ambassador explained to Mr Abdulaziz Sager about the importance of the GCC States for South Korea as it imports almost all its energy requirements from the region and two thirds of gas from Qatar. Trade balance favors the GCC countries, he said, adding that Korea is increasingly concerned about Islam and Arab culture. He commended the establishment of GRC as an independent research center, which “constitutes a window to the region for outsiders”. It was agreed that a group of Korean academics will visit GRC and hold discussions in May on ways to establish a joint venture.

Delegation from Al-Anjal schools, Saudi Arabia, visited GRC to know more about research, its prospects and the link between curricula and the labor market.

Professor Werner Weidenfeld, Mr Josef Janning and Christian Hanelt Bertelsmann of the Bertelsmann Foundation, Germany. The Bertelsmann Foundation, a German-based think-tank and internationally operating, non-grant-giving foundation, is exploring means of co-operation with GRC by building a joint international relations program on European affairs.