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Professor Werner Weidenfeld, Mr Josef Janning and Christian Hanelt Bertelsmann of the Bertelsmann Foundation, Germany. The Bertelsmann Foundation, a German-based think-tank and internationally operating, non-grant-giving foundation, is exploring means of co-operation with GRC by building a joint international relations program on European affairs.

February 22, 2004


Elan Fabbri, program officer of Middle East and North Africa at the International Republican Institute, Washington - Ms Fabbri expressed her willingness to initiate joint initiatives between GRC and the International Republican Institute.

February 14, 2004


Air Marshal (Rtd.) Syed Quaiser Hussain, ambassador, Pakistan embassy, UAE; Mr. Amanullah Larik, Consul-General; and Mr. Fayyaz Hussain Chaudhry, counselor.

February 11, 2004


Professor Olivier de la Grandville, Department of Economics, University of Geneva, Prof. Grandville pointed out that in the 21st century the Gulf region is moving ahead faster than Europe. Given the infrastructure available at GRC, the Geneva-based academic expresses interest in exploring the possibilities of cooperation between the University of Geneva and GRC. He also encouraged the idea of having more students from the region study in Switzerland.

February 10, 2004


Delegation from the John F. Kennedy School of Government, Harvard University, led by Mr Matthew L. Diver, Master of Public Policy Candidate , 2004 The meeting with GRC Chairman Sheikh Abdulaziz Sager touched on issues pertaining to Dubai macro and micro economics, the advantages Dubai has for promoting and attracting investments, such as connectivity, availability of data, infrastructure, competitiveness, cultural tolerance and automated systems. The need to develop those factors, the challenges facing Dubai, comparison of Dubai with other regional economies and the role of research centers in promoting welfarism were the other topics discussed.

Dr. Victor Mashtabei, deputy head, Ukraine embassy.