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Dr. Victor Mashtabei, deputy head, Ukraine embassy.

Mr. Vicken Koundakjian, policy adviser, Canadian president's office.

Mr. Tito Gronou, second secretary, Finland embassy.

Prof. Weidenfeld, director, Centre for Applied Policy Research, Ludwig-Maximilians University Munich, said: It is a very ambitious joint initiative of GRC and the Centre for Applied Policy Research. The GRC is a highly dynamic research centre and we at the Centre for Applied Policy Research are quite experienced in this program.Joining Prof. Weidenfeld were two other distinguished German personalities Josef Janning, member of the Management Committee at Bertelsmann Foundation and director of the Bertelsmann Group for Policy Research, Center for Applied Policy Research, and Christian Peter Hanelt, director of the Europe and the Middle East project, which is part of the Bertelsmann Foundation's International Relations Program.

Dr. Naser Tibi, Executive Director, Center for Externally Funded Research Activities, UAE University.

Dr. Frauke Heard-Bey, Center for Documentation and Research, Presidential Court, UAE.

Dr Guido Steinberg, international terrorism expert, Berlin.

Prof. Nobert Walter, chief economist, Deutsche Bank, visited the center and delivered a lecture on “Middle East-EU Cooperation”.

Prof. Fred Halliday, London School of Economics visited the center and delivered a lecture at the Dubai Chamber of Commerce on “The Arabian Gulf and international relations: Past, present and future”.