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South Korean Ambassador to the UAE Joon Jae Lee held discussions to explore the possibility of the GRC acting as the co-sponsor of the “Korea-Middle East Cooperation Forum” organized by the Korean Institute of International Economic Policy (KIEP), which is affiliated to the Korean Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Trade. The third edition of this forum is likely to be held in Dubai later this year.

Marcus Noland, senior fellow at the Washington-based International Institute of Economics, presented his research findings on “The Middle East in the world economy” and elicited comments from GRC researchers and other invited experts. Noland’s project is a joint venture with Howard Pack of the Wharton School at the University of Pennsylvania.

A group of students from American University in Washington, on a one month visit to the American University of Sharjah, visited the Gulf Research Center for a briefing on the center's activities and the Gulf region. GRC researchers made presentations on regional security, foreign relations, economic and social issues, including women's rights.

Dr. John Duke Anthony, President and CEO of the National Council on US-Arab Relations, expressed interest and explored possible areas of cooperation between the two institutions.

Prof. Steve Ott, Department of Political Science, College of Social and Behavioral Science, The University of Utah, USA.

1- A delegation from Zayed University in Dubai – comprising of Dr. Jane Bristol-Thys, Director, Institute of Applied Social Research, Dr. David McGlennon, Director, Research and Outreach, Prof. Kenneth Wilson of the College of Business Sciences and Dr Naseer Arif – held preliminary discussions with the GRC about possible areas of cooperation and collaboration between the two institutions, especially in the sphere of information dissemination.

2- A delegation from the American University of Sharjah (AUS) comprising of Chancellor Winfred L. Thompson, Dean of the College of Arts and Sciences Robert D. Cook, Associate Professor of Political Science and International Studies and Chairperson of the Department of International Studies Nada Mourtada-Sabbah and Assistant Professor of History and International Studies James Onley finalized the details of a memorandum of understanding among the GRC, AUS and the University of Exeter.